I have always found the middle finger to be offensive, by design.  However, It always disappoints me when people use it, especially women.  It’s so unladylike and you know if they’re flipping the bird, they’re spewing the F word right along with it.  Really girls, don’t you know how trashy you sound and look?  Recently a (trashy) woman give me the finger over a dice game, where she was cheating!  She didn’t like that I called her out on it and, although I only saw the finger once, it was brought to my attention she did it twice.  How rude, how tacky, how trashy.  I’ve had no desire to be around her ever since, even though I’ve made a gallant, yet failed attempt(s), to socialize in the same circle as her.  I’ve had people tell me I’m overreacting.  I’ve even had a friend go so far as to tell me I needed to “get with the real world” about it.  The real world?  Really?  This same friend once boasted to me about giving a town councilman (who was with his wife) the finger in a “joking” sort of way in a restaurant in town.  I figured he saw the look of distaste on my face because he quickly back-peddled with “no-one saw me”.  Yeah, nice try. 

All the hype at yesterday’s Super bowl half time show where rapper M.I.A. flipped off the crowd made me realize there’s no boundaries for this act.  It’s publicly demonstrated and accepted.  I just don’t get it.  Are we a society of such low intelligence and self-esteem we have to basically tell people to F off because we don’t like something?  Are we so uneducated that we have to use the lowest form of vocabulary and gestures to get our message across?  Open a dictionary people, there are lots of words in there… that is, if you can read.

As for rapper M.I.A., I’d like to know if she thinks flipping the bird looks sexy?  Sweetheart, I’m here to tell you, it really doesn’t… it looks trashy. 

Don’t even get me started on that outfit!   Pahleese…