Every month has a feel to it.  Although October is my favorite month, March definitely is a transitional month and has more of a feel to it than any other for me.  My birthday is in March.  My favorite Uncle’s birthday is in March.  Taxes get submitted, car registrations, car inspections, changing of the weather (in like a Lion, out like a Lamb) and Easter, sometimes.  We move the clocks up and turn the thermostat down.  Buds on the trees start to emerge, and tiny sprigs of green start to pop through in the woods and in the yard.  The first day of Spring is celebrated and the birds are singing like crazy!  Red Cardinals and Robins every where I look… a sure sign of Spring!  March is the month I put feelers out for my annual Cousin’s Weekend at the lake in August.  Amazingly, everyone agreed on a date and preparations have begun.  Then there’s St. Patrick’s Day.  Everyone is Irish on St. Patrick’s Day.  HA!  This year Easter falls in March.  Just before Easter is Good Friday and Palm Sunday.  Easter is a big deal in my family (for most of us), celebrated with dinner and fancy china.  I’ll probably host it, as usual, as no one else steps up.  I like entertaining and cooking, and I do it better than anyone else in my family, so it’s better off that I host it anyway.  I take advantage of the fresh ripe vegetables that are brough to market in March.  There’s Spring Break and March madness.  I remember when my son was in school, March madness basketball was always a big deal.  Last, but not least, today is International Women’s Day.  Celebrate the woman in you!

Yesterday while walking Lizzie I noticed all the snow had just about melted.  Today, I was walking Lizzie through 6 inches of snow in blizzard conditions.  What a difference a day makes.  We’ve had a lot of snow this year and frigid temperatures.  After coming off a hard winter like that, 30 degrees seems warm to me.  The only thing you can count on in March, weather wise, is no bugs.  They don’t come out until April.  The skunks are all fat with babies ready to give birth anytime now.  The deer are everywhere and Lizzie loves to track their scent.  It’s easy to track them in the snow.  We see a family of five most days on our walks.  The babies are adorable, frolicking around while the parents try to corral them in to the woods.  Lizzie is dying to play with them and they seem curious to play with her as well.  It seems the snow keeps people in.  That gives Lizzie and I more freedom on our walks. No school buses, no cars, no kids and no other dogs out.  Most people in my neighborhood just put their dogs outside in the yard.  No one really walks their dogs.  I guess laziness is everywhere and sadly those dogs will turn lazy by no fault of their own.  I carry a pocket full of treats when we walk and we visit all the dogs stuck behind a fence.  We know and love them all.  They never get out of the yard and they’re dying to play.  I see the look on their faces when we leave, they follow us behind their fences untill they can’t see us any longer.  A few random barks, then nothing.  Breaks my heart.  There’s one dog that has dug a hole so deep under the fence that I’m surprised she hasn’t gotten out… yet.  I’m totally expecting to see her running around some day.  Because of that I carry a spare leash in my pocket.  I notified her owners, but the hole is still there, getting bigger and bigger as the ground thaws.

As the first week of March leaves us in winter storm fashion, there’s no panic, no worry.  We all know we’re over the winter hump and no matter how much snow we get, it’ll all melt soon enough, because it’s March!

Happy Spring!!