What a fabulous weekend!  After a sneaky back-end storm last week, my son and I decided to just do minimal shovelling on the driveway since the forecast mentioned 50 degree days ahead.  It’s always a risk because the weather prediction has been known to be wrong, and if it stays cold and the snow isn’t shovelled, you get crunchy, dangerous ice.  The risk paid off and the driveway snow melted nicely.

There’s something about setting the clocks ahead for Daylight Savings Time.  I’m always genuinely surprised that it’s still light out at 6:00pm, just like I’m genuinely disappointed that it’s still dark at 5:00am (for a while anyway).  It teases you into thinking Spring is here, but then yanks you back into winter with the cold nights and dark mornings.  It’s OK though, we all know Spring is right around the corner.

The weather was gorgeous this weekend and we took every opportunity to get out and enjoy it.  While walking on the frozen lake we couldn’t help but notice the edges starting to melt.  Lots of the ice shacks have been removed, but a few still remain.  The dogs love running wild and free on the ice and in a short time we will have to confine them so they don’t fall in.

Pictures were taken yesterday on the lake.  Lizzie and Baby J taking a break from running crazy all over the lake.  They are so happy!  Could they be any cuter?

Lizzie on Lake

BabyJ on Lake