Welcome to the first day of Spring, 2013.  Yesterday and overnight last night, the East Coast was pummelled with snow.  My house received 12 1/2 inches of snow and I heard other towns farther North received as much as 16 inches.  With another storm threat looming in the background for next week, we can only hope the warm sun and mild temperatures melt this storm’s dump before the next one.  Let’s hope the next storm is the end.  It’s been a full year of snow clean up.  That makes for a long-ass winter.

New baby deer are populating the neighborhood again.  Lizzie and I get so close to them, it amazes me how fearless they are.  If Lizzie wasn’t on a leash, I bet they’d play… until momma deer stepped in.  They couldn’t be any cuter.

Last weekend I had a birthday party for my uncle.  I prepared all week between cooking, shopping and cleaning.  At the last minute I started to get the eggplant parm ready and the eggplant was rotten.  Jeez, off to the store Saturday morning when they open to return the rotten eggplant and buy ingredients for Plan B – Calzone.  Thank gawd I had prepared the other dishes ahead of time.  I made four Calzone’s and no one even knew it was my back up plan.  Uncle was delighted that all the important people in his life showed up to celebrate him.  It was a good day!

No more storms, pahleese…

Bring on Spring!

Spring 2013