With February nearing an end, all the sights and smells of Spring are vying for surface time.  With yet another messy storm looming in our immediate future, these signs will once again be squashed for a day or two.  The good news is, sooner or later, they will stay for good!  This morning while walking from my work parking lot to the entrance door I saw a family of skunks.  At least I think it was a family.  Two adult skunks and two babies walking directly in my path.  Something must have startled them earlier because the smell was so pungent I could taste it.  One of the adults, I suspect the mom, was trying very hard to keep the two babies in line while the other adult, dad, was just going about his business getting from point A to point b.  Very cute and a sure sign of Spring.

Earlier this week while walking Lizzie we ran into a family of deer.  Last year I realized that deer, like humans, have their offspring all year-long.  I always thought they only birthed in Spring, but nope, I’ve seen babies all winter.  This year is no different.  The new babies are just making their debut in my neighborhood and they are smaller than my dog.  With speckled white dots all over their backs, they just want to play, play, play!  With all the snow, it’s easy to track them in the yard and it seems they come around my yard in the wee hours of the morning.  I don’t see any buds on the trees and my garden is completely buried in snow, but there’s something that’s surely attracting them.  They provide great entertainment for our daily walks.  I bet if the parents weren’t around, the babies would play with the dog.  I have to chuckle when the parents nudge the babies across the street.  They’re so curious about the dog and of course the dog just wants to play and chase them.  Very cute.

The ole homestead feels different this year with mom gone.  The house is too big and the property is too much to maintain.   It’s funny, for such a small person, she commanded a lot of room.  It’s time to downsize.  The amount of work ahead is a bit overwhelming, but there’s no rush so I’ll just take my time.  It exhausts me just thinking about it.  My basement and garages are filled with boxes that haven’t been looked at in many years.  There are lots of repairs to be made and before you know it the lawn will need cutting and the garden will need planting.  Oiy…

Thank gawd for nature’s distractions along the way.