Like all recognized holidays, modern-day has sensationalized and spun them out to be more of a money-making marketing scheme, then the actual celebratory meaning behind them.  Valentine’s Day is no different, but at least holds the core meaning truthful, as we know it.  It’s all about love, if you can get past the fact that St. Valentine was whipped, stoned and then beheaded in the name of love.

There are many kinds of love.  There’s the unconditional love of a pet.  If humans loved as pets love, we’d all get along, with treats everyday.  When was the last time someone in your family jumped for joy to see you at the end of the day like your dog does?  There’s the love of family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, country, etc.    Then there’s the love of your sweetheart… the most critical love of all. 

If your heart has been broken, it’s because you cared, you committed.  It is better to be unsuccessful in love because you gave too much, than to fail because you couldn’t give enough.  Although painful, there is life after heartbreak, and lessons that unfold. What you do with those lessons will determine how you handle the next encounter.

I’m watching my son repair his broken heart.  It’s something he has to do on his own, live through it, learn from it.  Although there will always be a sweet spot for the girl who captured, and broke his heart, he’s testing new waters and new horizons.  He has grown, learned and matured from this.  The silver lining is it’s made him a better man… as it should.

Valentine’s Day isn’t about the cards, candy or flowers.  It’s a celebration of feeling special, being remembered, and making an effort to let someone know they’re the only one.  It’s the feeling you get inside with the little things they do.  If you’re in love, shouldn’t you feel special everyday?  I think so.

Here’s hoping your sweetheart makes you feel unconditionally special, every single day.