Almost two weeks into the New Year and changes are starting to take place.  Mom seems to be happy in her new apartment and I’m shaking things up at the old place.  For starters, I’m de-cluttering my house.  There is so much ‘stuff’ that isn’t being used or looked at, and just taking up room, that I’ve decided to get rid of all of it.  Everything is going on Craigslist, Salvation Army, friends, needy families or the dump.  Everything.  This weekend I am delivering a very nice Baker’s Rack that I had high hopes for, but ended up using it to store junk.  It’s such a waste and takes up a lot of room in my dining room.  I got it for free and will pay it forward by giving it away free.  I already have a taker!  There’s a beautiful queen size bedroom set up for grabs too and all kinds of random stuff that I “had to have”…

De-cluttering house, mind and life seems to be working for me.  I don’t know when, or why, I started to ‘collect’ so many things, but I do know it was compensating for other things that I’d neglected, or didn’t want to deal with.  Although I’m not a full-blown hoarder to the extreme they show on TV, I believe I have tendencies, and I don’t want that.  Deal with the issues and get rid of the crap in your house and in your life.  That includes the hundreds and hundreds of yards of fabric I have in my basement.  If I’m not using it, out it goes.  My basement is full of boxes that haven’t been unpacked, or looked at in years.  Obviously I don’t need any of it after all this time.  Time to go.

My son is making positive changes too.  He’s convinced me that I don’t need to hang on to stuff I don’t use.  He’s even offered to help clean out the basement.  I have to watch him though, if he had his way he’d just throw everything out.  I still have every toy, every ornament, every pair of shoes and even books from his childhood.  Maybe I thought he’d like to see them when he grew up.  I’m not sure I could bear to throw those out, but I’ll let him make the decision.  I’ll hang on to the thousands of pictures I have of him wearing all the clothes, shoes, reading the books and making the ornaments.  Geez, maybe I am a hoarder…  NOOO

Letting go of things that hold me back is my way of saying I don’t need to lean on the crutches any more.  I can deal with the crap in my life and let it go.  Clean your house, clean your mind.  That goes for people too (that’s another post). 

Try it, you’ll see what I mean.