It’s hard to believe the year is coming to a close.  This wasn’t the best of years for me and I’m looking forward to a new beginning.  There are lots of changes happening in my household, some good, some painful, some uncertain.  Nonetheless, life will go on in whichever direction it chooses. 

As we prepare for Christmas dinner guests, I find myself in a state of chaos trying to pull everything together in the middle of a move.  This move shouldn’t be as big as it is, nor should it be consuming every room in the house, but it is.  I have never seen so many candy dishes, vases, nik-naks and useless pieces of decorations in my life; but there they are, in my house, lined up waiting to be washed, dried, packed and relocated.  What the hell.  I’ve lost count at how many times I’ve moved all this stuff.  Some get broken along the way but they seem to multiply and come back to life.  Mom has taken to buying things she’ll need and dropping hints that she won’t be taking “everything”.  This coming from the woman who packed toothpicks from the cabinet.  It’s comical, to say the least.  I can always buy more toothpicks.

My son will be on vacation for nearly three weeks during the holidays.  How great is that?  I’m encouraging him to take the cruise I gave him for college graduation (that he never took).  What a great time to go on a warm cruise!  Why not?  All his friends will be home for the holidays and the cruise is for two.  Go and have a blast… you more than deserve it, not to mention you more than need it.  It’s time.

Then there’s me; the glue, the rock, the center of the family.  Doing my best to keep everyone happy (including the dog) leaves little time for myself.  Honestly, I get more rest at work than I do at home.  I’m still nursing two bad feet, but I can’t ‘keep off them’ as recommended.  Things are going to be different come the new year.  Things will be peaceful with less stress.  I’ll have more time for myself and time to get things done that I can’t get to now.  I’ve got lots of things in the fire that will gear up in the new year.  I’m looking forward to the changes, albeit a lot of work.

As for the CT massacre, my heart breaks for the families of the deceased and families of the survivors.  Either way, they’re all scarred for life.  So senseless.

Hug someone.  Save a dog.  Give back.  Any random act of kindness will do.  It’ll make you feel great inside. 

Happy Holidays with Peace and Love.