I have never made it through watching an entire presidential debate on TV in the past because of the childlike street-clawing behavior that seems to emerge when each candidate is desperately trying to put down their opponent.  Last night was different.  The entire debate stayed above bar, on point and, although each candidate got facts about the other candidate across, it never got ugly or immature.  I attribute this to Mitt Romney and his characteristic code of ethics.  It could be that he is a devout Mormon, or it could be that he upholds a higher degree of integrity and respect.  Either way, I was impressed with the outcome of the debate.  I did notice that Obama didn’t look at Romney when he spoke, instead he looked at the audience.  Romney looked Obama square in the eye when he spoke, and it appeared Obama got uncomfortable and either looked away or looked down.  Weakness under pressure, never a good sign.  I did see one bauble with Romney, he called the Title One kids “poor”.  Ouch.  He quickly corrected his mistake with “low-income kids”.  If I were a parent of a Title One child, I would have been stung by that.  So far, I haven’t really heard any blabber about it with the media, so perhaps it will slide through unnoticed. 

This campaign is especially personal to me as I fall directly in the age group where I could be negatively affected if Obama wins.

Romney single-handedly diffused the entire debate by rising to the occasion.  Let’s face it, Obama came out salty in the beginning.  Romney didn’t take the bait, he cast a new line.   Hopefully he gets a chance to cast a new line in the Oval Office.

You have the right to vote people, take it.  If you don’t vote, you will have to live with the rules someone else puts in place for your future, and your family’s future.