The Puppy Rescue Mission

Soldiers Saving Puppies – Puppies Saving Soldiers

TPRM is an organization that brings dogs to the US from Afghanistan that have been saved by US soldiers during their tours.  Soldiers are finding puppies and dogs all over the place being abused by locals.  One soldier found a puppy that had its ears and half of its tail cut off by locals who were going to use him for fighting.  This particular soldier felt so bad that he traded cigarettes and a flashlight for the dog and snuck him into the barracks.  When the soldier deployed back to the states he couldn’t take the dog with him, but contacted TPRM who successfully got the dog back to the states where they are now reunited as dog and master, living a good life.  Although there are many stray, abused and lost dogs in the US that need help, I support this cause as well.  These dogs are finding love, friendship and trust for the first time with our Soldiers. Our Soldiers are warming their hearts and loneliness by loving and caring for these dogs.  The bond is strong and good therapy for both parties.  It’s heartbreaking when they are separated.  Who knows the fate of the dogs better than a Soldier who has rescued and loved the dogs?  If you are interested in helping out, even a little, please do so.  Check out their site, I’m sure you’ll be amazed and touched.

An excerpt:

SSG Nick & Bodhi – Together Again
When Staff Sergeant Nick first met Bodhi, he was extremely scared, filthy, and missing his ears which had been cut off. His owner was keeping Bodhi as a fighting dog. SSG Nick rescued Bodhi by trading a pack of cigarettes and flashlight for him. Without SSG Nick, Bodhi would not have survived. Bodhi arrived in the United States and was reunited with SSG Nick in May.
SSG Nick writes:

My family and I are really excited to have him become our newest member and can’t wait to get him home to his new life. He just doesn’t know how good he is going to have it. Thank you so much again for choosing to help Bodhi.”

This story is so exciting that several media outlets have carried the story of SSG Nick and Bodhi reuniting in Florida recently. See some of those stories here:

Thanks to you – all the Puppy Rescue Mission friends and family, this one is Mission Accomplished!