There’s just something about the cool, crisp fall air that energizes, motivates, and excites me.  Saturday was the first day of fall and although the day was jammed packed with things to do, I was zipping around with a spring in my step, getting everything done.  The irony is that my bone spur is feeling a lot better with the steroids, but not 100% healed… yet.   So zipping around had everything to do with the sun, air, mood and fun that was scheduled to happen in just a few short hours.  I was expecting company for dinner and a bonfire and had a million things to do before they arrived.  I spent an incredible amount of time making a banana cake, which was a huge flop and hardly any time making eggplant calzones which were delicious.

Friends showed up to kick off the first day of Fall.  After dinner we enjoyed a massive bonfire for a couple of hours then headed back in the house for a competitive game of Domino’s.  It’s such a good mix of friends.  Lots of laughs and fun, as it should be.  Easy, peezey.

Sunday morning Lizzie decided to dig up a yellow-jacket nest and was stung by a swarm of bees!  Benadryl seemed to take the swelling down almost immediately and knocked her out for a couple of hours.  While she lay sleeping on the front porch, I mowed the lawn keeping an eye on her from below in case she woke up in pain.  She didn’t.

This made me think of how unprepared I was for this small emergency.  I have started compiling a list of things I will need in the future for doggie emergencies. I’m sure this is just the beginning of her curious nature getting her into trouble, and/or danger.  I will be more prepared next time.