I recognized his truck immediately as I pulled up and stopped behind him in traffic.  It was just a matter of time before we ran into each other, we live in the same town.  It was clear he recognized me too, as his head darted from rear view mirror to side view mirror angling to get a better look.  I smiled, he waved.  I saw his head ricochet around the truck as if to find a place to pull over.  With no place to go, and traffic starting to move, he shrugged his shoulders and waved again.  This time I waved goodbye as he drove off leaving me deep in thought.

An unassuming man, comfortable with his scruffy looks, he holds his head high under his ARMY baseball hat.  Proud of his craft, and good at what he does, he flies under the radar in his day-to-day life just trying to earn a living with his simple ways.  He was the friend-of-a-friend, in another place and time.  He was the catalyst and the straw that broke the camel’s back.  I don’t even know if he’s still part of that world, but I suspect he is.  So many unanswered questions laced with bittersweet memories.  That simple man may not even know how much damage he caused.  He’d probably just shrug it off if he did.

Sometimes I miss it and other times I think I’m better off.  Either way, it’s a void that is ever-present and takes every chance to remind me of choices people make.  I could take him or leave him, but it’s her that I miss the most. 

Today I wonder if you are happy with the choice that you made, and the promise that you broke.   I hope it was worth it, and I wish you well.