Last weekend a friend of mine was sharing with me about a post on a food blog we frequent regularly.  As my friend went on with every detail about this particular post, I found myself thinking how difficult it will be from now on to visit this food blog now that I’ve been totally grossed out.  As I was thinking this, my friend ends her story with “I’m done with that blog.”  She feels the same way. 

Today she forwards me the post and it’s even more disgusting than I thought.  Shouldn’t a food blog be about food, recipes, food stories and ingredients?  We think so too.  That said, this particular post was about boogers!  Yep, the author’s son walked in on her while she was typing and she didn’t pay attention to him.  He then proceeded to pick his nose and wipe it on her pant leg.  If that isn’t bad enough… she took a close up picture of it and posted it on her food blogAre you kidding me?  GROSS.  All set with that.  Rest in peace Noble Pig… we won’t be back.