There comes a time when, no matter how hard you try to deny it, you just have to admit when the inevitable has arrived.  You’ve known about it, worked around it, tried to fix it, talked it to death, and even thought from time-to-time it went away, but deep down you always knew it would rear its ugly head again and pierce your perfect bubble.  *POP*

It seems Labor Day Weekend wasn’t just closing out summer, but closing out other things as well.  Life as I know it is changing.  What I do with these changes will determine my immediate future.  I’ve got a couple of big fish biting the line.  If I can snag them, my direction will change adding more projects, and purpose to my life.  I’m hoping for both, now more than ever.  I’m going to need the distractions.

People fear what they don’t understand.  I get it. 

I am fearless.