The first official Cousins Weekend kicked off this past weekend at the lake.  Including myself, there are ten first cousins.  Out of ten, six of us showed.  Two live far away and weren’t able to make it up.  One was going to “try” to make it, but didn’t, and one never even responded.  So the six remaining cousins spent the entire weekend, drinking, eating, laughing, boating, swimming, and story telling around the bon-fires.  It was so much fun!  The weather was stinking hot and humid, but we didn’t let that get us down.  We spent time in the water, riding the Gator, sitting on the decks and on the boat.  On Saturday we were joined by friends who were ordained “cousins” and more laughs, fun and food was had.  Even little Charlotte showed up just as adorable as ever.  By Sunday morning the tired, hung over, acid reflux suffering crowd started wrapping things up for the long jaunt home.  Basically everyone looked like hell, all the while still laughing at the weekend events.  After everyone left I managed to clean up the place and relax a little before I started home. On the drive home I was chuckling to myself over weekend stories and laughs.  My cousins (and my brother) are hilarious.  We don’t just laugh, we laugh so hard we hurt. 

Many thanks to all who attended, and special thanks to Captain Bottle Cap for his wit, his special rib-rub, for grilling and for all the lake cruises on the party barge.  Awesome!

I’m already planning the next cousins weekend.  Hopefully everyone will be able to show up, but if not, the party will still go on!