This week has been busy, jam-packed and mentally draining.  Work is traditionally slow during the summer months, but for some reason July has been crazy busy and this week was especially off the charts with cloud computing opportunities.  On top of that I’ve been answering inquiries all week about my boat that is for sale.  I’m hoping to get it sold this weekend so I can move on to a pontoon boat, which will suit me much better.

Lizzie has also started something new this week.  She dashes out into the garage when it’s time for me to leave for work, wanting to come with me.  It breaks my heart when she runs around the garage trying to get in the truck.  I know she wants to come with me, but they don’t allow dogs at work.  Imagine if they did?  She knows when the weekend is upon us and usually gets rambunctious around Thursday/Friday.  For some reason this week she started right in last Sunday night and hasn’t stopped since.  I decided this week I would take her for longer walks with the hopes of burning up some of her additional energy.  It seemed to work during the early part of the week when it was very humid.  As soon as we got back she would lay under the fan on the cool tile floor and stay there for a couple of hours cooling off.  Then of course, she’d wake up with a second wind and want to play all night.

I went to bed early last night, but my attempt to fall asleep was futile.  I got a disturbing phone call which I just kept rolling around in my head while I tried to sleep.  Nonetheless, I was up early, groggy and foggy and decided I would take a different route for our morning walk since I had so much extra time.  With lots of new smells to check out, early morning critters and dogs in yards, Lizzie had a ball trying to keep up with it all.  We saw a racoon race up a tree ahead of us, which I thought was the highlight of the morning until all of a sudden I didn’t feel any resistance on the leash.  Lizzie had stopped dead in her tracks.  If you didn’t know she was alive, you would have thought she was stuffed and mounted in a perfect stance.  She was barely breathing as I looked to see a deer standing about ten feet in front of us grazing on tall grass just about in my backyard.  As I fumbled for my cell phone I kept praying it wouldn’t dart in the woods before I got a picture.  Being the pro that I am, it took me what seemed like 10 minutes to get the damn phone out of my pocket to take a picture.  Lizzie was perfectly still while the deer stared her down.  I was able to snap a few pictures and noticed the deer wasn’t even scared or attempting to bolt.  In fact, she kept grazing in between stares.  She continued to eat and look up at us.  Was she someone’s pet or something?  I looked around for more, but there were none.  She was alone.  Thinking the 8 pictures I took would be clear I decided to try to walk past the deer with the hopes of snapping a close up shot.  Right.  The deer was fine until Lizzie barked.  Like lightning she was gone!  I think she took one step before she was out of sight.  Lizzie looked at me with a questioning look like “Where’d she go?”   With that I brought Lizzie in and smiled knowing I had taken prize-winning photos. 

I really enjoyed the new route, the longer walk, and of course the deer encounter.  Lizzie still fought to come with me when I opened the garage door, but today she seemed to accept it when I brought her in the house to go to work.  My pictures of the deer were blurry and terrible. What ever made me think I’d be able to take pictures on the fly when I can hardly answer the phone when it rings?  I managed to salvage three of the eight pictures of the deer. 

First glance:










Getting closer:












About ten feet away before Lizzie barked, causing her to bolt: