Time seems to be flying by so fast these days. Looking back at the sequence of bizarre events that unfolded last week, and then the decompressing, relaxing weekend that followed, I reflect back on a quiet conversation that took place on my porch in the waking early morning hours.  The speaker was different, but the words were the same.  I recognized the pattern right away.  I began to look at similarities and wondered if this was coincidence.  Interesting…  I will continue to ponder.

The weekend was fun, productive and experimental.  The pasta pizza recipe on PROUD ITALIAN COOK blog looked amazing except for the eggs.  I modified the recipe by skipping the eggs, adding cheese (the glue) and put the whole thing between garlic pie crusts so it was like eating your pasta between garlic bread.  It cooked up well, was easy to prepare and our local Food Champion gave it a two thumbs up with his “I wouldn’t change a thing” blessing.  There it is… one for the business.

The weather was perfect, and one night I actually had to pull out a quilt because it got so cool during the night.  Of course the quilt was way too hot, but the cool nights made for amazing sleep.  I hadn’t gotten nearly as much sleep as I needed the week before and as I hit the pillow and fell sound asleep, I didn’t stir until the dogs woke me up early the next morning.  I love morning, it’s the best part of the day.  The whole world is asleep except for the animals and a random jogger here or there.  The lake is still except for a quiet fisherman and the plunk of his line hitting the water.   The sun spills across the tree tops onto the lake and you know within minutes this peaceful scenario will quickly change.  The dogs are on alert on the deck, just waiting and watching every little thing that moves.  It’s going to be a great day, I can feel it.

Captain Bottle Cap got my boat out of the water and left to do his own thing for the day.  My plan was to clean up the boat nice and pretty to put it downtown for sale.  The Boston Whaler is not the boat for me.  I need a baby Pontoon boat.  I have my eye on the perfect boat, but first things first.  I need to sell the Whaler.  It took me hours to clean up that boat.  Scrubbing, vacuuming, oiling and bringing it back to life.  It  wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be, but it did come out good enough to put downwn for sale.  Hopefully it sells soon.

We ended up at Camp Eureka three days in a row!  It’s so much fun over there, the dogs play nicely, and hanging with the folks is always a high point of my weekend.

Lizzie seems to have taken quite nicely to being the boat mascot.

Things are finally coming together full circle.  It was worth the wait.