The weekend took an interesting turn from the norm.  A different spin on fun, but still fun nonetheless.  Most importantly, there was a new sense of awareness from someone who’s been treated unfairly and how he’s dealing with it.  Sometimes stepping back and giving yourself time to reflect on current events is the best medicine.  I think my friend had a totally different scenario of the way things should have panned out, instead of the way things actually did pan out.  However, the awareness proved to be more rewarding, inside and out.  He’s a better person for working through it.  We talked for hours on end while the fire in the chimenea burned bright.  The ripple rings of fish jumping were highlighted in the background by the dim lights of boats passing by.  The dogs slept after a hard day and even the bugs decided to give us a break and not eat us alive.  It was a nice way of making progress and realizing that true colors are not always bright.











It was an easy drive home, no traffic and lots to see on the sidelines.  Summer brings out the creativity in people and I enjoyed all the street glamour in full glory.  Before I knew it I was home, thinking I would settle in and ramp up for the work-week ahead. 

It was a thousand degrees when I stepped out of my truck with humidity at about 200%.  Thank gawd for central air.  I unloaded my truck and walked into my kitchen full of pesto everywhere.  On the floors, table, counters, stove, island, sink and all over every handle.  Silly me for thinking I’d just take it easy and relax with the dog when I got home.  After I got the kitchen cleaned up, I threw in a load of laundry and decided to take Lizzie for a walk to see if I could win her over.  She was still harboring anxiety for leaving her friends at the lake.  She was visibly upset.  I totally get it.  We went for a walk but she was panting so much I turned around and headed back to the nice cool house.  Again, I’m thinking I’ll just do a few chores and take it easy…

The sequence of events that took place in the next couple of hours took me totally by surprise, leaving my head spinning.  Ridiculous accusations left me feeling so disappointed and alone.  People fear what they don’t understand and when they spin out of control, there’s just no stopping them.  All you can do is wait for them to stop spinning and talk it out.  Unfortunately, I seem to be the only one who thinks like that as everyone I know that spins out of control, usually bolts at the end of their tirade.  Nothing ever gets accomplished by leaving.  Today was no different.

I called my friend to vent.  We talked a good long while and as always, she made me feel better.  She then told me to ‘move the block’.  Huh?  Every issue is a block that’s in your way.  She said put your arms straight out like you’re lifting an imaginary block.  Whatever is bothering you, or whatever negativity is in your path, pick it up and put it to the side.  I chuckled, but did it.  Then she told me to lift another block (issue) and lift it to the other side.  Before long she had me standing up while we talked, lifting damn blocks from side to side, reciting each issue as I named the blocks.  What now, I said when I was done.  She said you have just cleared a clean path to move forward while you deal with the issues on the side.  Use the clean path to get what you want.  Move forward with positivity and leave all the negative issues and people to the side.  Negativity is like a fungus, it needs dark places and more negativity to breed.  Step into the positive light and the negativity will go away for it cannot survive in successful brightness.  On the other end of the phone I half-heartedly rolled my eyes and chuckled while I listened to my friend, who had morphed into a Zen Master, guide me to move the block. 









So I did.  My path is now clear to move forward in positive light.  There’s a part of me that says what do I have to lose?  It was the first thing I thought of when I woke up this morning.  The crap doesn’t just go away, but the point is to not to let it get in the way of progress.  Keep your path clear… grasshopper.









“Work hard towards your goals, no matter what obstacles get in your way.  Even if you think you can’t do it, just be disciplined, put your mind to it, and then do your best.”  – Female Research Scientist (name unknown)