Has it really been 11 years?  Yes, it really has.  I remember it like it was yesterday.

Dad was a blast,  the life of the party.  He was funny, smart, handsome and the coolest guy to be around.  He had all the latest and greatest inventions, gadgets, boats, cars, houses and toys.  He even had a pet Chimp and a waterfall in his house.  Yeah, he was the Mac-Daddy of all dads and my brother and I cherished every second we got to spend with him.  It was always an adventure, no matter what we did or where we went.  We spent so much time laughing and having fun with him, we thought he was immortal. 

Sadly, he wasn’t and his passing 11 years ago today left a void in our lives that still remains today.  Even though dad isn’t physically here, he still lives on in spirit.  My brother looks so much like him that when he’s telling a story or cracking up, it’s just like being with my dad.  It’s uncanny how much they are alike.

Every year on this day, my brother takes dad’s ashes for a motorcycle ride.  He gets the strangest looks from people when he stops at a bar, orders two drinks and takes them outside to drink with dad’s ashes.  When people question him, my brother tells them he’s having a drink with his dad.  Then of course they freak out when they realize he means literally having a drink with dad, whose ashes are strapped to the back of the bike.  I can just see my brother drinking and talking to dad’s ashes while people quickly walk by muttering to themselves with furrowed brows.  Just like in life, my brother and father are tearing it up, not caring what anyone thinks and having a grand ole time for themselves.  HA!  What a riot!

We have great memories, and we still laugh with him.

Miss you dad, every single day.