What a gorgeous weekend!  It was hot and dry and a true summer-time setting.  I’m so excited to report that Lizzie had her best day ever on Saturday.  I was so proud of her!  Saturday morning started out with Lizzie playing, and staying with her best friend, J.  I was asked to do a simple project for a friend so Lizzie and I headed over to Camp Eureka where we met up with Captain Bottlecap and the Camp Eureka crowd.  The dogs had such a blast playing, swimming, running and behaving themselves.  Exposure really is the greatest lesson of all.  Lizzie didn’t have one single incident of misbehaving all day long.  It  really made all of us feel good, especially me!  The simple project turned into a little bit of a task when the sewing machine didn’t cooperate.  I offered to take the project back to my place to sew it up, but Captain Bottlecap was quick to offer up a fix, (that man can fix anything!) so the rest of us watched the dogs play as he made his way down the basement to work his magic.  He emerged from the basement a few minutes later with a metal part in his hand and an explanation of the fix on his lips.  Without questioning whether it was fixed or not (we all knew it was), we just watched as he installed the piece and started  the machine.  Of course it worked (I never doubted).  While he was fine tuning the newly installed piece, I had to mention that I’ve never sewn in a more serene environment.  The sewing machine was set up on the porch overlooking the lake.  Because I sew a lot, I could only imagine every project being set up like this.  It was perfect and I was anxious to get this project going.  Every time I looked up, I saw the dogs playing, the boaters boating and the gorgeous lake that I’ve come to love.  Lizzie was the happiest I’d ever seen her and I totally enjoyed sewing overlooking the lake.  As I watched her romping with her friends, it was evident, she’s figuring it out.  Good girl, Lizzie.

The rest of the day, the dogs continued their good behavior.  It was a thousand degrees out and they took advantage of a nice opportunity to sleep on the boat in the high heat of the day because they were tuckered out from playing hard all day long.  They weren’t even upset when we brought them home to eat and rest for the night.  Yep, Lizzie had the best day ever.  I was so happy, and so proud of my girl!

On another note, as I ramp up for a couple of events in the near future, I came across some awesome recipe blogs I thought I’d pass along.  I have made some of these recipes and have been served some of these recipes, all of which are awesome.  I’m looking forward to making lots more!  There’s something for everyone, check them out!  Enjoy!





Have a safe and happy 4th of July everyone.  Do good things…