If you read my “Derailed” post from last week, you’ll understand what I mean when I say the Universe pulls me in many ways to get my attention.  Being stubborn, the pulls are usually painful and sharp as that seems to be the only way to stir me.

I had a revelation last week and came to terms with certain things and people.  The week got better as it progressed and the weekend showed great promise.  I had no idea my stars were harmoniously lining up, but was pleasantly surprised from the moment I arrived.  I let go and just let the weekend unfold before me, ready to accept whatever it may hold.

Friday was an exhausting day of work.  I had planned on taking a 1/2 day but being end of quarter, I couldn’t break away.  I was able to cut out at 4:30 and I still needed to go to the store.  I was disheveled, hot, sweaty and tired; and I hadn’t even unpacked the truck yet.  Running on adrenaline and anticipation, Lizzie and I joined our friends in the middle of the lake.  I started to decompress immediately while Lizzie was all jacked up with the excitement of people, dogs, water and boats.  It was a wonderful night and a new beginning.

Saturday morning I received a second-hand invitation for dinner via cell phone.  Things were pulling together and I was pleased all the pieces of the puzzle seemed to be connecting.  Again, the universe, making it all happen.  I’d been invited, as part of the gang, for dinner at Camp Golden View.  I carried the feeling with me all day; I’d missed this, missed them.  I was looking forward to it, and it had nothing to do with eating dinner.  For me, learning the unique personalities of all my lake friends, and how to deal with them, has been a lesson; a lesson learned.

A fast-moving storm approached while we were boating on the lake in the late afternoon.  Keeping the storm behind us, we quickly made our way to the other end of the lake to Camp Eureka with the storm nipping at our heels.  Camp Eureka, at any given time, is a blast.  We were well received and safely sitting inside watching the storm over the lake.  Winds, rain, thunder, lightning, whitecaps and darkness.  Carlos, ever the host, starts serving up Marguerita’s while we watch the storm.  I looked around and saw all my favorite lake people.  The storm was symbolic to me.  It represented the turbulence in my life, some of which centered around the very people next to me.  Like the storm, the issues came up quickly, violently hovered around for a while, got my attention, and lingered a bit.  I watched everyone watching the storm and banding together.  I am lucky to be part of all this.

I decided to walk back to my friend’s house while the storm seemed to be subsiding.  Of course I was soaked when I got there, but I wanted to get my vehicle to get back to my house to get the dogs settled before we proceeded to dinner.  We boated over to dinner and the rain had just about stopped.  I was a little apprehensive as I’ve not been at this house for a while now.  This was huge for me and I was happy that I was bringing a brand new recipe for my friends to try. 

The storm had blown over and the sun was wrestling with the clouds to perform a spectacular sunset to end the day.  The clouds put up a good fight and as we docked the boat, I snapped a picture with my cell phone of the sunset.  It was gorgeous.  By the time we got in the house, it had gotten even more vibrant and colorful.  We all sat around trying to name the shapes of the clouds and ogle the sunset with awe and amazement.  I couldn’t help thinking the Universe was telling me something… showing me the way.  I’d been redeemed in more than one way over the weekend.  Redemption is bitter-sweet, you have to realize what you’ve done, learn your lesson and pay it forward.  The sunset was one of the prettiest I’ve ever seen, leaving me, once again, looking around and feeling so grateful to be part of this.

It’s good to be back…

Taken from the boat upon our arrival:









Taken from inside the house through the window and screen: