On October 21, 2011 I posted “A Right Of Passage”.  This entry was about my son being encouraged to apply for an elite internal job at his current place of employment, which he ultimately didn’t get.  The build up had gotten him so jacked up for the job, there was no way anyone would have believed he wouldn’t get it.  He didn’t.

Last week, Thursday, my son received a phone call saying they were opening interviews for the very same job with the hopes that he would apply, again.  This time he wasn’t so easily swayed, but decided to apply for it anyway.  All he did was fill out the internal application.  He never spoke to anyone, never went on an interview.  As I was walking Lizzie today at noon, my phone rang.  My son called to say he had been offered the job!  They really did open it back up with the hopes he would apply.  He is so excited and will learn the details in the days to come.

What a great way to start the week!  Well done and Congratulations!