As the week drones on with welcomed rain pelting the pavement, my thoughts are in overdrive thinking of the weekend.  There’s so many things I want to do, and so little time to do them.  I will squeeze in a project with the hopes of finishing it and give mom an afternoon of visiting with family, out to dinner and happily exhaust her.

My job has taken on a new spin that keeps me very busy.  This time of year the office, a renovated mini-mall, is clammy and hot and you can see how uncomfortable everyone is just by the look on their faces.  I constantly look out the window and remind myself the only thing between me and fresh air is a thick pane of glass.  At any time of day you can see our one and only maintenance man, Matt, working the meticulously kept lawns, flowers, bushes and trees.  I always tell him he’s got the best job in the whole company.  He always agrees with me.  In the winter, he shovels the walkways and keeps them ice-free so we don’t slip.  The parking lot is maintained by a large snow-plow company and Matt is usually out there cleaning up the small strips of snow that form between the plow blades.  When it’s been snowing all day long, it’s not uncommon to find that Matt has cleaned the snow off of your car while you stressed about it all day at your desk.  In the spring, you can find Matt manning a detour around a small pond on the grounds that are home to baby Canadian Geese every year.  As they grow, you can see Matt unsuccessfully trying to keep them from running in the parking lot.  It’s quite entertaining to see the momma geese nipping at his ass while he directs traffic away from the chicks.  Then there is the yearly email that he sends out warning about the chicks in the parking lot.  Matt is an Arborist.  He is totally into Mother Earth and all she has to offer.  He told me he’s been studying plant and marine life his whole life.  Matt has a PhD in Horticulture and is a certified Arborist.  He’s been at the company for over 15 years, single-handedly making the place look like something out of Better Homes and Garden magazine.  Matt has given me many tips about plants over the years.  He even came to my house once to check the soil and sun rotation around my property when I purchased ornamental grasses to plant.  He instructed me which ones would do best based on the soil type, sun and shade.  The grasses are doing outstanding, thanks to Matt!

Then there’s the diverse collection of people inside.  Being a sales call-center you can imagine the energy that erupts each day on the sales floor, whether it be a big win, or a big loss, everyone feels it.  The newbies come in full of hopes and dreams of snagging a big whale, while the Veteran’s size them up and know right off the bat if they’ll be successful or not.  Sales is not a job, it’s an art, a craft, a mindset.  Anything that’s not a YES, is an opportunity.  In sales, NO is not an option, although you will hear it often.

Every now and then you come across someone who isn’t caught up in the sales hype.  Ken is just keeping up with his quotas, not letting the stress get to him.  He’s a happy-go-lucky kind of guy who makes everyone smile with a joke or a kind word.  Today, while closing a sale, he came up behind me and dropped a perfect rose on my desk.  I turned around to see who dropped it, (and why), and there was Ken standing behind me with a handful of single roses he was passing out on the sales floor.

His simple gesture speaks volumes about him.  When I gave him a questioning look, he simply smiled and said… “no reason”, and went on his merry way.