After a harrowing Saturday with plans turned upside down, Sunday went on to be the sweet-spot of the weekend.  My initial plan was to head to the lake Friday night, then it turned out to be Saturday morning, then Saturday afternoon, blah, blah, blah.  By the time I was cleared for take off, it was just too late and I was too drained to go.  I decided to scrap the entire weekend at the lake, until…

Sunday morning I woke up to birds chipping and sun streaming in the windows.  It was cold out at that time, but the day had promise.  Lizzie and I headed out for a morning hike about 6:30am.  We didn’t run into a single person, dog or animal on the trail but Lizzie did manage to find two dead fish in the woods and decided to roll in them until I caught up to her and made her stop.  Gawd did she stink!  We headed home as I held my nose and gagged from the stench.  I decided to stay outside with her for a while but after about two minutes of just sitting there, I decided to mow the back and side lawns (my son was scheduled to mow the whole lawn that day, so I left him the front).  I managed to wipe Lizzie down enough to let her in the house while I showered.  All cleaned up, I felt great and the day was still young.  We headed to the lake, even if only for the afternoon.  I needed a Happy Place fix.

I love the feeling that comes over me as I get closer and closer to the lake.  Lizzie starts whining with excitement and neither of us can hardly wait to get there.  Once there I was amazed at how green the grass was after all the rain last week (the grass was pretty brown and lifeless before that).  The house was like an icebox so I opened doors on either end to transfer the warm air from outside.  Within minutes my friend pulled up and shortly after that we were enjoying familiar, friendly faces at Camp Eureka.  I love the laid back lake life-style!  I was able to see my friend’s brand new boat without the cover on it for the first time.  Beautiful!  We decided to go for a boat ride.  Lizzie was hesitant to get in the boat but was reassured when J, my friend’s dog, jumped in with the ease of a pro and encouraged Lizzie in.  Once in she was OK until the boat started.  She seemed to be managing until the boat went fast.  At that point, she just stayed under my legs while I comforted her.  After a while she was up and checking it all out.  I wouldn’t say she was 100% comfortable, but I do think she’ll be up and running probably the next boat ride.  J, the boat ornament, was sitting all pretty and comfortable at the front of the boat like the Queen that she is.  She is totally into boating!  She has a great life!  We trolled around sharing the lake with just one or two other boats.  It was fantastic and so peaceful! Although it was only a Simple Sunday afternoon, it felt like I’d been up all weekend!

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh… what’s not to love about that?