At the end of every obedience class the trainer taps the dogs in order from best to worst in which they can leave.  The order changes every week.  Last week was Lizzie’s first class and she was tapped last to leave.  Last night was our second class and Lizzie did fantastic!  I practiced the hand signals and commands all week and the trainer was very impressed with progress last night.  Last week Lizzie was on Lyme disease meds and had to eat before class with the meds.  The trainer likes the dogs to arrive on an empty stomach so they respond well to the treat system.  She was hungry last night and did indeed respond well to treats.  There were two more dogs added to the class last night, making a total of eight.  New to class a gorgeous Bernese Mountain Dog and a mutt, who looked like a tiny fawn to me.  Both dogs were uneasy at first with all the different dogs around (plus the class before us got out late so we were all in the parking lot greeting them as they came out one by one).  Letting the dogs work it out, but watching for aggression, they all figured it out and trained well together.  I was so pleased, as were the other owners.

As Lizzie continues to make great strides from stray to domestic, she’s become more confident and secure in her surroundings.  Yes, she still has issues, but I’m working on them.  She’s come a long way and I won’t give up on her.  She might be late out of the gate, but she’s all over this domestic life.

Lizzie was tapped third in line to leave.