Friday the 13th in itself is a day of mystique, superstition and awareness.  All you need is a full moon and you can blame the day for anything that goes wrong.  I always have this vision of witches and goblins, smokey clouds shadowing the moon and a wolf howling in the background to set the mood.  It just seems fitting that today would be mom’s birthday.  She adds candor and humor to the balance and somehow still manages to fit right in.

For the second time this week, we will celebrate mom’s birthday.  Easter Sunday we had a cake and gifts and even sang happy birthday to mom.  Of course it was unacceptable to think we could get away with a celebration six days early, so tonight we celebrate again by taking mom out to the restaurant of her choice, which happens to be Chinese food.  Once again we will shower her with cards, gifts, cake and sing another round of Happy Birthday To You.  In true mom fashion, she will glow with clothes, makeup, jewelry and hair as she makes her entrance into the restaurant.  I will call ahead to see if they could possibly lay down the red carpet for her arrival.  She will blush with delight and fake surprise as we make asses out of ourselves in the restaurant for her benefit.  Silently, when she thinks no one is looking, she will thank her beloved Saints for another year under her belt.   Ahhh, the things we do for love.

Happy Birthday Mom!!