Because Lizzie is a runner, getting her micro-chipped is a good idea.  My brother told me of a rabies clinic he was running where they were doing chipping as well.  I took Lizzie down to the clinic with the hopes of stopping in on my sister-in-law on the way home to say hello and give Lizzie and Zep a chance to run around and play together.  Zep, a gorgeous black German Shepherd is full of zest and loves to play.

Lizzie wasn’t cooperating with the Vet or the Tech’s when they tried to insert the chip  while she was standing on the floor.  She was uncooperative and scared and the Vet asked that we put her on the table.  One of the Techs picked her up gently and she fought him with every ounce of fight in her.  When he put her on the table she was uncontrollable and it took four of us to hold her down to get the chip inserted in the back of her neck.  Although she went wild, she never growled or even tried to bite anyone.  She was just scared and fighting to get free. 

When the Tech put her back on the floor I noticed a spot of blood and thought it was from the chip.  Then another and another, getting bigger and bigger until I saw blood spewing out of her paw.  The Vet was very concerned and now we’re all trying to hold her down to bandage the paw.  Two Tech’s were on her trying to hold her down and Lizzie was wild. That’s when I yelled ENOUGH and took Lizzie outside to calm her down.  She was panting and breathing heavy, her eyes as big as dinner plates.  She was petrified and wasn’t letting anyone near her paw.  I couldn’t tell what happened but she kept licking the blood from the paw as quickly as it was bleeding.  There was blood all over the floor, the grass and all over her.  I felt so bad for putting her through this.  The Vet came out and gave me antiseptic and gauze to see if I could settle her down enough to apply pressure and wrap the paw.  I got her in the car and managed to slip an old blanket under her.  She was so upset, she wouldn’t even look at me as she bled all over the blanket.

My brother came out holding something up in his hand.  I asked if it was the chip. I was thinking the chip fell out during all the commotion.  He said no, it was her toenail, and he’d never seen anything like it.  Imagine shrimp with the tail still on.  When you pull the tail off, it comes off clean with a circular clear membrane (aka ‘quick’) from the body to the tail.  Now picture Lizzie’s toenail as the shrimp tail with the same circular membrane between the toenail and her paw.  She must have caught it on the lip of the table while trying to scamper free.  It ripped right off her toe and I could see where all the veins had been ripped clean from the toe to the quick to the nail.  I couldn’t believe it, but now all the blood made sense.  As I drove home, apologizing to Lizzie the whole way, I noticed she wasn’t yelping or crying, just licking her paw.  I was thinking endorphins must have kicked in right away and the next day would be the most painful.  Good thing I’d taken her for a 2.5 hour hike earlier in the day because she wasn’t going to be hiking for a good 3 or 4 days after this happened.

I still had some leftover meds from Lizzie’s spay surgery a few months back.  I gave her half a dose when we got home.  She was pretty quiet for the rest of the day, but still wouldn’t even look at me.  She was hating on me and I felt it.  She wouldn’t even come near me, let alone look at me.  I sat with her, she moved away.  I looked at her, she looked away.  When I called to her she shot me a haunting, and heartbreaking look. I decided to leave her alone and let her come around on her own.  It wasn’t until the middle of the night that she decided to forgive me.  I was sound asleep and she jumped on the bed.  I woke up and snuggled with her.  She gave me kisses and I knew we were good.  She let me look at her paw and it was swollen and throbbing.  I gave her another dose of meds and we both went back to bed.

The next day, Easter, started out slow and I was taking ques from her.  I wasn’t going to hike her, but I would wait to see if she was up for a walk.  By mid morning she was ready to walk, and we did.  She limped a little and I figured the concrete probably hurt on impact.  No blood was a good sign.  She got progressively better and with a houseful of company for dinner, she forgot all about her paw.  This morning’s walk showed no signs of discomfort so I think we’re out of woods in the pain and infection department.  Hopefully everything grows back.

This week I’m taking her to be tested for Lyme disease.  I’m really not looking forward to that appointment…