As the quarter makes a mad dash to the profit margin close, it seems we’ve all fared well with our numbers, given the bad economy.  I’m happy with my numbers for the quarter.  However, as I sit and think about other numbers in my life, I realize the magnitude of the power they hold in my life.

What if my numbers hit the lottery?  My life would change in so many ways.  It is ridiculous of course to count on that happening, but it’s a nice dream nonetheless.  How many years have passed by without living my dream or achieving my goals?  Too many.  How many pounds before I do something different?  How many weeks before I get to the lake?  How many emails that skirt around the real issue?  How many forever’s that never panned out?  How many sleepless nights? How many years before I get freedom?  How many bottles of wine before I realize wine doesn’t agree with me?  How many weeks before Lizzie figures it all out and conforms?  Too many.

Numbers don’t lie.  They are proof positive, in your face when you’re calculating how long, how big, how much, how good, or how bad.  It’s what you choose to do with those numbers that makes the difference.  I can’t go back to the way things were, I can only push ahead for better days to come.

How many days will it take to re-evaluate the numbers that surround my life?  As many as I need.  I’m on day two; perhaps the longest eye-opening days I’ve ever known.