Wow, what a great weekend!  It was the Mac-Daddy of fun with an awesome bon-fire, awesome friends, great food and so much fun (I’m still enjoying it in my head)!!  A friend suggested we try jello-shots.  Well, that was a first for me.  I had no idea how to make them, and had never tried them, but gave it my best shot (no pun intended) and made them the night before.   Wow, they were strong!  My guests totally enjoyed them and that’s when the games began. 

It’s been about a month since the gang has been together.  With everyone being busy with family stuff (life, death and birth) the gang has been going in different directions.  This weekend we all came together and had a blast!  Get together started in the afternoon with a bon-fire and we just kept on going until we were all laughed out.  I’m already planning the next get together and I’m thinking they’ll be more jello-shots and games featuring “Barry The Claw”… HA!

A special bonus in the early evening was the arrival of ‘Brandi’.  She is an adorable Golden Retriever rescue puppy whose life is about to change drastically.  She was adopted by Ken and Sandy who just lost their beloved Morgan.  Brandi has big shoes to fill but after seeing her paws, she won’t have any problem.  This dog was every bit of adorable; and she’s a hugger too!  I didn’t want to put her down!  She’s a perfect addition to the lake, and she couldn’t have been adopted by a better family!  Welcome Brandi!

See you soon friends!