Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be the last surviving member of your family?  I never thought of it before this week when someone very close to me lost the last remaining family member, her father.  She’d lost her mother when she was just a young teenager and just about 13 months ago she lost her brother.  Like me, she only had one sibling, a brother.  Like me, she was very close to her brother.  I never met him but at the Wake I could feel how close they were.  It broke my heart as she fell apart trying to be strong.  Selfishly, I thanked God it wasn’t my brother lying there. 

Wednesday Jodi lost her dad.  He’d been sick for a long time and was having dialysis 3-4 times a week.  He was bitter and angry, a common trait in sick elderly people.  Jodi remained strong and committed to his well-being, no matter what he lashed out at her.  She was loving and doting as she carried the weight of the world on her tiny shoulders.  She cared for him daily, never missing a beat in her own busy life.  The quiet strength and enormous courage to carry on, day after exhausting day, all manifested from the incredible love a daughter has for her father.  I know it well.  It’s amazing how strong such a small person can be.  Tired and worn, she never gave up.  She’s amazing and inspiring;  she’s modest and unassuming.  She is bent, but not broken.

Jodi and my brother share a special bond few people ever get to experience.  All you have to do is look at them and you can feel the love.   Many times I’ve silently admired their relationship although I’ve never been at their level.  It takes a blinding trust to give yourself freely to another. 

Although we all love and support her through this difficult time, it will be my brother that cradles and nurtures her back to health and happiness.  I wonder if that is some kind of divine intervention.  Although the last surviving member of her family, she is not alone and is surrounded by people who love her.

Rest in peace Tony. 

May the weight of the world finally be lifted from Jodi’s shoulders so she can enjoy her life.   It’s deservedly her turn.