Leap year decided to dump 6+ inches of snow on us overnight, and it’s not over yet.  It continued to snow all night and today is expected to dump another 6+ inches.  Not bad, as storms go.  We haven’t had any significant snow fall since the October storm, which just about crippled us with trees snapping, power outages and damages.  Just last weekend I had a dangling branch taken down from that very storm.

I’m a big advocate of shovelling (or snow blowing) snow.  I like a nice clean driveway, walkway and deck immediately after the storm.  I’ve even been known to go out during a storm to get a head start on the accumulating inches if the storm predictions are big.  That is of course, until my very able-bodied full-grown son moved back home after graduating college.  He is also a huge advocate of snow clean up so he’s usually in charge of the snow blowing and I just help out with the shovel.

This morning Lizzie was having a blast tunnelling through the snow as we set out for our daily morning walk. Enjoying the winter wonderland, she dashed in and out of freshly packed snow and kept trying to gnaw at the leash.  I could read her mind as she looked at me like “Can we take the leash off so I can run around free in the snow?”  She hates the leash, but it is necessary in my neighborhood.

Walking on, I see someone down the street in bright red pants shovelling.  As we get closer and closer I notice the girl is shovelling the snow from her driveway into the street.  A big mound in front of her house, right in the middle of the street.  That’s just wrong.  I decided to just shake my head and mind my own business.  Which I did until I got to her driveway.  I said good morning and she stopped shovelling to pet Lizzie.  She was quite pleasant and I was chomping at the bit to ask her why she is throwing the snow in the street.  So I asked her.  She said, Oh, this way the snow plow takes it away when they come and I have less snow on my property.   OK, that makes a little sense, but with a foot of snow pending did she really think that little bit was going to make a difference?  That’s like cutting your lawn and throwing the grass clippings in the street to wait for the street sweeper to come and sweep them away.  Idiot.

People, if you’re shovelling snow, throw it on your property, not in the street.  Even if the plow eventually comes and takes it away, you still have cars, people and dogs that have to either walk around it, or through it until that time.  It’s just proper shovelling etiquette.