Perhaps it’s because my morning routine is slightly different, more casual, and starts a bit later, but Lizzie knows when it’s the weekend.  Every weekend Lizzie’s playful side is on full alert and ready to go.  This weekend was no different.  Saturday morning Lizzie was rip-roaring-ready to go hiking, but this particular morning we couldn’t go quite so early.  I had a Tree Service coming over to take down a couple of trees, which ended up being just one dangling widow-maker cut down.  We set out to hike after lunch and did a short trail of 3 miles.  Sadly, we didn’t see a single person or dog on the trail and I could tell Lizzie was disappointed.  I think the highlight of the hike, besides being off the leash and in the woods, is playing with all the dogs we meet along the trails.  I made a mental note to take her again on Sunday.  Sunday morning she was ready and we hit the trails by 7:00 am.  It was a chilly morning but the sun was out and it was just a matter of time before we warmed up on the hike.  Lizzie romped with dogs on the trail and because I had committed to take my mom shopping, we did the short 2 mile loop.  Lizzie wasn’t happy.  After taking mom out for a few hours, I decided to take Lizzie hiking again to play on the trails.  The place was mobbed and I just went with the flow.  Before I knew it, we’d hiked about halfway on the 13 mile trail.  I decided to follow it through since Lizardo was fully engaged in a 4-way game of chase.  It was a gorgeous day, like a Fall day and I didn’t want to do anything but hike and play, so we did.  We hiked the entire 13 miles, plus the 2 miles in the morning.  That’s a record for us; 15 miles in one day.  We were tired!

It seems I don’t get much done in my house these days.  Laundry and grocery shopping are always falling behind; but watching this stray dog enjoy life and other dogs/people brings me so much joy.  She’s a lot of work, but I feel so good that she has a good life.  And let’s face it, all the exercise and fresh air does us both a lot of good!  As the story goes, I saved her from being a stray.  However, anyone who knows her and I will agree, she really saved me.  Friday will be the 1 year anniversary of putting my beloved dog Sadie down.  I still miss her and get choked up when I think of her.  I think Sadie would have loved playing with Lizzie.  I moped around missing my dog for way too long; and then came Lizzie.  The rest, as they say, is History.

Yeah, I’m totally into it…