A victory in Small Claims Court still means you have to collect payment yourself.  I recently had an ordeal where I took a contractor to Small Claims Court, and won.  The court ordered even more money than I was asking, all costs and even interest.  The Judge realized the contractor was deceitful and shady. 

Even with the Judge ordering payment within 30 days, I knew collection wouldn’t be easy.  I hadn’t let this guy out from under my thumb since this ordeal started, including our court hearing where he was totally unprepared, and out of his league.  Still, a dishonest man, in my opinion, will not do the right thing first.  He will try to manipulate, steal, connive or coerce anything but the truth to get his way.  Stupid man, he had no idea he screwed with the wrong girl.

Yesterday I received a certified letter notification in my mailbox.  This morning I was at the Post Office promptly at 7:00am waiting for them to open.  Sure enough, a check in the full amount ordered by the Judge written out to me.  Nice!!

So it seems, the shady bastard figured it was best to cut his losses and pay up in full, for he must have known I would never stop chasing him, and make his life miserable.  Of course he was right.

People fear what they do not know.  I’m sure he will move on to the next unsuspecting victim.  However, he’ll never forget me and how much money and time it cost him trying to fight a losing battle.   I never backed down, even when he tried to scare me off.   The truth always wins and you can’t fix stupid!