As Valentine’s weekend passes me by, I am left with my thoughts of being over-looked with no offers, no invites and no plans. 

Jewelry surrounded me however, Family Jewels that is.  I don’t know how anyone can enjoy the glitz and glamor, the gold and the memories, the history and the meaning when they’re all fighting over who should get what.  After a while, the pieces are tarnished with harsh words, ill feelings, tears and sides taken.  Why can’t they all understand there is no metal more precious than family?  Why do they let jewelry define who they are, or are not? Why don’t they see the big picture? 

In a futile attempt to calm the elders and finally put this two-year issue to rest, my cousin and I mediated, and moderated a meeting of the minds yesterday.  Of course the minds I speak of are all opinionated, stubborn, non-waivering and o-l-d.  It was like chiseling stone with a plastic knife.  We made little progress, but not enough to end the battle.  It’s exhausting and draining and we continually get sucked in because we are family. 

The things we do for family!

I would have loved to have danced it all away, even if just for a song.  Just sayin`…