I was just saying yesterday that we managed to make it through January without a death.  It seems for the past few January’s (or more), we’ve experienced at least one significant death of friend or family.  I thought we had made it through this one, but I spoke a day too soon.

This morning I came in to find an email from my friend saying their beloved dog, Morgan, passed away peacefully in his sleep last night.  Morgan was a beautiful 13-year-old Golden Retriever who loved everyone.  For the past couple of years he’s had difficulties with health, but he always seemed to bounce back.  In fact, last weekend he went on a ski trip to Rangeley, ME with friends from the lake.  No one knew it would be his last trip.  Another friend said it was the first time he’d pawed her hand for food.  I told her I think he was saying goodbye and telling her he loved her and her family.  Morgan was her neighbor and would spend hours on her deck, or dock, just hanging with them.  He was the dog that always came to greet you when you went over to visit, whether it be on the driveway or on the dock, Morgan was always waiting for you with his tail wagging in excitement.  If you saw him at someone elses house, he was always quick to come and say hello when you walked in.  He never barked or begged.  He was the iconic man’s best friend.

Morgan will be missed.  He lived a good quality life and was loved by all.  In fact, Morgan lived a better life than most people I know.  The lake won’t be the same without him, but he will live on in memories and stories.

Rest in peace Morgie.  It was a pleasure to know you…