As a Martha Stewart follower, I’m always intrigued and drawn to innovative designs and creations, especially different ideas.  Every now and then someone special crosses my path and I just have to tell everyone about it.  Last week a very close friend of mine sent me a link to “Samantha’s Personalized Creations”.  ‘Sam’ hand molds custom clay animal figures per your request.  You send her a couple of pictures of the animal you want crafted, tell her a bit about the animal and what you’d like to see, and she puts it all together.  I decided to check it out and contacted Sam.  I sent her three different picture views of Lizzie, so she could see one blue eye and one brown eye.  Although I wasn’t sure of turn-around time (I told her no rush), she had completed it the same day!  I was blown away when I saw my order was ready only hours after I placed it.  Who does that?  Samantha’s Personalized Creations does! 

Definitely a site worth mentioning.  Check it out below.  I’ll be back for more!