I woke up early this morning to a snow-covered deck and free-falling snow.  It was beautiful, crisp and clean.  I always enjoy the snow early in the morning before the cars and people have a chance to ruin the perfectly quilted pattern effect it creates from falling all night.  The first storm of the year and Lizzie was anxious to get out.  She could smell it, she could feel it.  She was howling at me in an effort to get me moving quickly so we could get out and play in the snow.  I took the hint and rushed through my chores.  I showered, but skipped drying my hair or putting on makeup so we could get on with it.  She followed me from room to room in anticipation.

She had a blast!  Back and forth in the yard, burrowing her nose through the snow, she kept looking at me to play.  I threw a snowball for her to fetch.  Fetch she did and howled in delight when it smashed in her mouth.  Needless to say our walk was one snowball after another… the whole way.  Luckily a lot of people stayed home with the storm so there wasn’t any traffic crowding us on the road.

We dragged our tired, soaked bodies in the house after our playful walk.  I now had to get myself ready for work.  Lizzie opted to go back to bed and catch a few more ZZZZ’s, knowing we would pick this up again at noon.

Noon time, same game except this time the snow had turned to sleet and rain with the deck and roads slippery.  Lizzie wiggled out of her collar and bolted in delight into the neighborhood.  I just stood there looking at the leash and collar in my hand as Lizzie became a spec in the distance.  I decided to walk home and get the truck to go find her.  No panic, no worry, there’s nothing I can do but pray she doesn’t get hit by a car.  Still no traffic in the neighborhood so I treaded quickly yet carefully back to the house.  I also knew she’d come back, in her own time.  I got in the truck and she greeted me in the driveway.  I wasn’t sure if I should reprimand her for running off, or reward her for coming back.  I knew she was having a ball and didn’t want to send the wrong message. 

It’s always going to be like this… isn’t it?  I’m afraid so…