He would have been 76 years young today, had he not passed away nearly ten years ago.  A charismatic, magnetic man, he captured the attention of everyone within ear-shot and eye-sight.  He drew you in with intelligence and confidence.  He could relate to any circle and made everyone around him feel comfortable.  Men wanted to be him, women wanted to be with him.  He was impeccably dressed and groomed, like something out of a men’s magazine.  He drove expensive cars, wore expensive suits and had beautiful women on his arm.  Not a hair out-of-place, with nails perfectly manicured, he could rock a room with laughter and never lose his composure.  With his Greek-God like looks, his wild sense of humor, love of people, parties, status and animals, he ruled his world, and everyone else’s too.

The only thing he loved more than all that he did or had, were his two children, and they knew it.

Happy Birthday, Dad.  We miss you every single day.