Being a firm believer in voting, I was up extra early today so I could vote before work.  What I didn’t count on was all the distractions I would run into by doing things an hour earlier.  For starters, because I was so early getting up, I decided to clean the shower stall, which led me to cleaning the entire bathroom.  After all my morning chores, I set out to take Lizzie for her morning walk.  Since we’re an hour early we ran into so much more morning traffic and other people walking their dogs.  I ran into three neighborhood people (I haven’t seen in years) walking their dogs and they all wanted to catch up.  Since I was walking with a new dog, they all wanted to know the story of the both old and new dogs.  By the time I got home I was hustling so I could get to vote before the crowds. 

Luckily, voting is done in a church right next to my place of employment.  The parking lot was full and there was a line to get in.  As I waited and looked around, I couldn’t help but notice that every single person was fat, some more than others, but still, everyone was carrying baggage.  I kept noticing this very overweight man standing off to the side smoking a cigarette.  He didn’t look young or old, just unhealthy.  He looked so out-of-place smoking.  I wondered what he must be thinking as he looked at me looking back at him.  I felt bad.

As I entered the room I finally saw a thin man… it was the Police Officer at the door.  He looked thin and healthy and happy as he greeted everyone who came in.  It seemed like he knew everyone as he called everyone by their first names.  I didn’t know him but he was pleasant nonetheless.

Voting is a privilege and it is important.  I have a friend who’s only voted once in her life, because she was encouraged to do so.  She was so disappointed in her election choice that she won’t vote again.  She doesn’t even want to talk about politics.  I respect that and don’t bring it up.  It’s such a shame because her vote would make a difference in her life.  By not voting, she has to live with what everyone else chooses for her.

Make a difference… vote!