I haven’t blogged in a while, I’ve been overwhelmed with so many things going on in my life, all at the same time; and Christmas.  Every day I think about the next pending crisis and remember that in a day or two this will be old news so don’t get all wrapped up in it.  But the Christmas thing just nags at me in the back of my mind.  I guess December 25th is going to arrive with or without me being ready.  For me, the whole “ready” thing is a state of mind.  If I’m not feeling it, how can I possibly prepare for it?  I’m just sort of going through the motion, doing the minimum amount of participation and preparation.

Today, after I returned from lunch, my boss dropped in to say hello carrying an oversized, beautifully decorated Christmas bag.  For a moment I thought he was on his way to deliver it to someone and was just stopping to say hello.  He does that, always says hello if he’s in my area.  He handed me the bag, said Merry Christmas, and thanked me for all my hard work!  I was shocked, overwhelmed and touched.  He really meant it.  He was so proud when he told me he picked out everything in the bag and even wrapped it himself.  I held back the tears.  In an instant he wiped away the Christmas blahs and made me feel special.  He told me he didn’t just shop, he shopped for me, keeping in mind stories we’ve shared. 

There it is… Christmas has arrived.

Merry Christmas!