Although his birthday was on Thanksgiving day, it was the following Saturday that his right-of-passage actually birthed itself.  It was a small, intimate crowd of close friends who gathered to celebrate and honor our friend, Andy.   All along he kept saying he didn’t want a party, surprise or otherwise for his 50th.  No problem, we kept telling him, we were all too busy for that kind of nonsense anyway.  HA!  He was totally surprised, shocked and a bit overwhelmed when he realized we had master-minded this event without breathing a single word to him.  We weren’t sure if he was suspicious or not, until we saw the look on his face at the reveal.  He had no idea…

Mulled hot cider with spices and Rum, food, decorations, games and gag-gifts awaited their turn to shine at the party… and shine they did!  Everything was perfectly planned and well executed except one little detail…. everyone was late!  When Andy walked in, it was just Sheilah and I yelling SURPRISE!  With that, we kicked off the party without the gang, who later strolled in, tails between their legs for being late.  Oh well, the party went uphill from there.

Great job on the gag-gifts everyone!  I have pictures to prove what I can’t post on-line.  Very creative, interesting and hilarious.  I’m sure we’ll be laughing about this for years!

Sheilah made a tender CD for the gala event.  It was a five-minute glimpse of Andy’s life.  It was well produced and allowed all of us to watch Andy changing through the years.  It was a special event, and big fun was had by all.  I was happy to be hosting it for a man who is undeniably worth it.

“It’s cute that you try…”