He walks the woods all day long, regardless of the weather, looking for abandoned, maimed or hurt animals.  He searches for coyotes to corral and protect them  from areas that could be harmful to themselves and to people.  He’s been known to work around the clock if an animal is in danger.  He has become mother to baby raccoons when their mother was killed, and has raised a squirrel who can’t stand up on his own.  He will drive hours just to be sure these animals are put in a safe sanctuary for their protection.  He gives presentations to educate about the animals that share our neighborhoods, and how to co-exist with them.  He is committed to educating the public so when faced with potential harmful situations, we know how to react, instead of panic. 

He is a 20-year Army Vet with a reoccurring painful back injury.  He is the man who spends endless hours putting little flags on every soldier’s grave for Memorial Day, Labor Day and Veteran’s Day.  He is the Veteran’s advocate that fights for their rights.  He is the one they go to for help when there’s nowhere else to turn.  He is their voice, their last chance.

He is a father, a step father, a husband and a son-in-law.  He is a brother and a son, a nephew and a cousin.  He is a friend and a leader.  He is the glue to all the drama that surrounds his life and the leader of the pack of 10 animals he saved and owns.

He is funny, charming and a blast to be around.  He is a goof-ball.  He is very deep and charismatic.  People, like animals, are drawn to him.  He is a clone of his father, who would be so proud.  He is a simple man who speaks volumes with his actions. 

He is my only sibling, my brother.  I am thankful he hears me.

Give thanks to those who deserve it.