This week my son completed two days of interviewing for the internal job he was recruited for last month.  Last night we continued to talk about the interviews and he happen to mention one of the questions asked by one of the panel members (yes, there were panels of people interviewing two separate groups over the two days) was “What is the hardest decision you’ve made in your life?”  He said he thought about it a moment and gave a short story of when he was in fourth grade I gave him the choice of either staying in NH or moving to VA.  He went on to say he chose to move with mom to VA and the experience was amazing.  Nonchalantly, he went on to explain how I was the most influential person in his life, how I had gone back to college, graduated with honors, and basically gave him the life tools to adapt and overcome anything in his life.  He said I was the role model that showed him nothing could stand in the way of anything you wanted.  He talked about it like it was everyday chatter, but his words kept circling around a warm spot in my heart.  Wow!

After he finished, I said “For the record, I would have never left you behind.  I simply wouldn’t have moved.”  He kind of looked at me with wide eyes and I told him I just wanted him to make the decision so he didn’t feel forced.  Did he really think I’d ever leave him behind… with his father?  Oh hell no!  I’d never leave my boy.  Glad we got that cleared up.

Although the journey to VA was short, and ended in devastation, I would do the whole thing over again if given the chance.  We learned so many things, saved a few lives, loved a few dogs, made a few friends and came back better people.  Silver linings can’t be bought, they must be earned.