Lizzie has single-handedly taken over my household, and it’s only been 3 days.  As we all learn our role around our new pup, it is clear Lizzie is taking her role just as serious as the rest of us.  I am certain before her world fell apart, someone loved her and spent time training her.  She knows so many commands, is potty trained and very well-behaved.  Of course the challenge will be getting her to stick around once the leash comes off.  I’m working diligently at training her and my family seems to be honoring my wishes not to feed her.  She is learning that I am the Alpha Dog, the Master and the Mother.  She obeys me well.

That said, this morning we went for our daily morning walk and happen to cross paths with a squirrel who decided to run across the street about 10 feet in front of us.  Lizzie bolted after the squirrel and I held on tight so I wouldn’t drop the leash.  She wiggled and squirmed but I held on for dear life.  If she gets off the leash in this neighborhood, she will undoubtedly get hit by a car.  I finally just stopped and yelled HEAL!  She just froze and looked at me like she was confused.  After all, she’s probably been chasing wildlife the whole time on the run.  My right arm is now 6 inches longer than my left and by the time Lizzie is completely trained, I’ll probably need a prosthetic arm!  However, I believe the return on my investment is well worth the time invested.

Picture taken this morning after the squirrel fiasco.