“Lizzie” was getting quite comfortable the first night in her new home.  I was anxiously waiting for my son to come home.  When I told him the story of the dog over the weekend, he just shook his head and asked why would I get another dog when we we’re experiencing freedom from being down to just one pet from eight.  He reminded me that I said I’d never get another dog and I reminded him that I also said I’d wait for a dog to get me.  He just shook his head and walked away.

I heard his key in the door and waited.  Lizzie met him at the door, head cocked to one side, tail slightly wagging and her inquisitive face wanting so badly for this meeting to go well.  From around the corner I heard “mommmm, you didn’t?”  Yes son, I did.  I think he wanted to resist but Lizzie wouldn’t hear of it.  She stuck to him like bees on honey, begging for attention.  He waffled, and was instantly consumed by her charm.  Needless to say Lizzie stayed by his side as he went up to change.  I was listening to him talking to her from the bottom of the stairs.  I never said a word… she reeled him in all on her own and before long they were rolling and playing on the floor.

She did great with the potty training.  In fact, she’s already potty trained.  She already knew to nudge me if she needed to go out, which she did and she didn’t have any accidents all night.  She did get a little freaked out when it was time for bed.  She was whining and crying and all upset.  I wonder if someone used to leave her out at bedtime.  It wasn’t until I started washing up, brushing my teeth and then put on my bedclothes that she went bizerk.  I calmed her down and got into bed.  It wasn’t my intention to have her sleep in the bed with me, but like a baby, she nestled right in the curve of my body and with one arm stroking her gently, she fell asleep.  I could hear her breathing get progressively slower and steady.  She was safe and warm, and comfortable… very, very comfortable.  Throughout the night she moved around a little bit.  She moved away from me to shift positions and stretch out her legs, but she never left the bed.  I woke up first this morning and was trying to plan the morning strategy with her.  I got up, she instantly woke up and got up with me.  I went potty and immediately took her out.  She went potty and was ready to eat.  I made her a warm breakfast and took her out again.  I got all my morning chores done and the moment my son stirred from bed, she was attached to him. 

I took her for a walk before work where we met an old (dog) friend, Valentine.  Val and my last dog were walking buddies and Val didn’t really take to kindly to Lizzie.  Her owner and I think it’s because Val is expecting Sadie to be on the other end of my leash.  Lizzie didn’t care, she just wanted to play.  Val about bit her head off, so we walked on opposite sides of the street.  I remember this exact scenario when Val met Sadie.  I’m sure Val and Lizzie will be friends eventually.

As I left I heard her crying and whining.  She’s got quite a pair of lungs on her, just like a baby.  She’s with mom and no doubt she’ll be fine.

Yep, I’m back in the dog business….