Still no flipping power!  I can’t believe it.  PSNH you should be ashamed of yourselves!  I feel like crap, I look like crap.  Let me see just on of those posers taking a break and I’m going head to head with them. 

The only thing keeping me going is a surprise party for a very good friend of mine.  It’s going to be a blast!  This is a milestone birthday and he is adamant about not having a party.  Yeah right, like anyone is going to listen to that… HA!  Gag gifts, big food, drinks, music, friends, animals and fire.  What’s not to love about that!  I’m making the birthday cake; a 4 layer coconut creme cake (one of his fav’s) with the middle layer raspberry jam.  He’ll love it.  Since they’ll show up early afternoon, somehow we’ll have to get someone to distract him for a while so we can decorate before the party. 

He thinks this is the reschedule party from the one I cancelled due to the storm (you know the one that has left me power-less!).  HA!  He has no idea.  Although, it won’t take much to make him suspicious though.. he is pretty bright. 

Haven’t figured what to serve for dinner yet, but since it’s the Saturday after Thanksgiving, I’m sure everyone will still be stuffed so I might just keep it light and concentrate on the party festivities instead.

I’m planning on taking a jaunt into Wolfeboro this weekend.  It’s supposed to be a nice weekend, and as long as I have power in the house, I’ll have freedom to travel.  OIY