Come on!  I have a million things to do for the weekend party crowd.  Yeah baby, I can hardly wait!  Bon fire on a chilly night, hot cider spiced with rum, homemade dinner, appetizers, desserts and snacks; and friends!  What could be better than that?  Well actually it would really kick if my son and my brother could be there, but they’re busy so we adapt without them.

Weatherman is calling for snow flurries Saturday night. Won’t that be great?  One of my friends is bringing a carved pumpkin.  We’ll stick a candle in it and hope we don’t burn the place down.  HA!  I never made it to the lake last weekend, but had a pretty good weekend nonetheless at home.  Got some winterizing done and spent Sunday afternoon cooking up a storm.  Most of the results are in the freezer waiting to be transported to the lake.  Getting my storm door installed this weekend too.  Sweet!

Is it really only Wednesday?  UGH!!!