You just never know when you’ll randomly meet a genuinely good person…

Last week I answered an ad for something I’ve been looking all over for and haven’t been able to find.  Just when I thought I’d never find it, I sort of “tripped” on it during a casual CraigsList search.  With just a phone number, I called and spoke to a woman who, after just a few short minutes, felt like I knew forever.  She offered to mail the item to me since she lives far across the state.  I sent her a check and that was that.  Today I called her to see if she got the check (it hadn’t been cashed) and in fact she had the item all boxed up and ready to be mailed.  We chatted for about 15 minutes, about family, her grandchildren, both our children and husbands and ex’s.  She is Italian and like me, a food pusher.  It must be an Italian thing.  As she spoke about trust and honesty, she said if you look for the good in people, you’ll find it.  She also said if you look for the bad in people, you’ll find that too.  She is so right.  I instantly thought of a girl whom I chosen not to socialize with anymore because I just don’t like her ways.  Am I looking for the bad in her because she irritates me?  I know there’s good in her, but for many reasons, I often think they’re just not good enough to be around. 

I couldn’t help but think this stranger and her husband must be a riot at parties.  I’d love to have them attend a dinner party at the lake house, I think we’d all be in stitches laughing.  She cracked me up in the two short conversations we had telling me about her and her husband.  I bet she’s an excellent cook too!

Was this stranger put in my path for a reason?  Perhaps.

Random acts of kindness… What a concept.