With every passing year, in any given category, I measure my progress by the year gone by.  The patterns remain the same, but the intensity of the patterns change.  I tend to charge at things that are unattainable or forbidden.  I redefine policies and procedures while challenging rules.  I resist going with the flow because it’s “easy.”  It’s not a quest to be right, it’s a quest to do right.  I have always known the very thing that attracts people to me, is the very thing that scares people away.  The ones that come back, are the truest of friends.

It seems, with year three before us, I have not scared him away.  Through all of my changes, not necessarily for the better, he remains connected, intrigued and passive.

I’m smart enough to know, I’m a lucky girl.

Here’s to Year Three, and to You.  You know who you are…