The weekend could have gone either way for me.  I was totally under the weather with the flu and toyed with not going to the lake.  Knowing I had a lot to do, I mustered up the energy to drive up there on Saturday afternoon.  As always, the closer I got, the better I felt.  Although the nose goo wouldn’t stop running, and the cough attacks were still every 5 minutes ro so apart, I was heading to my “happy place” and it’s effects were penetrating my sick body with every mile.  I did pass a good portion of the trip on the phone with my brother, who is always good for a laugh and a joke, but mostly,  he’s always there to share whatever crisis is currently taking over my life.  And of course, it’s refreshing to get his opinion and thoughts on matters.  This day was no different.  We laughed, joked.. and talked.  After I hung up, I felt like my mind was clear for the weekend… or at least temporarily void of unpleasant things.  Way to go EEBAGE!!

On to the menu!  What would I make for dinner?  I didn’t shop for the last minute trip and was trying to remember what I had stored in the fridge and freezer.  I thought about stopping for a minute, but quickly passed the option because I was dying to get to the lake.  I’d figure something out.

After a few hours of working in the yard, I was invited out to dinner.  There it is, problem solved.  I had a wonderful time at dinner with two of the most pleasant people I know.  We laughed, ate, drank and laughed some more…  maybe we drank some more too… yeah, we probably did <wink>.

I’ll get working on next week’s dinner menu.

Attached is a photo taken yesterday after I gave my new lawn it’s first cut.  Still patchy in places, I have high hopes this will turn out to be a lawn that withstands crowds the fire pit is sure to attract.